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You sound like me! Everything you describe it what I have gone through. My parents thought I was on drugs. Always forgetfull and never really concentrating on one thing. I am a royal mess. Always messing something up. I don't know what it is besides ADD. my parents doubted the fact that there was something actually wrong and never attempted to help me, teachers advised that I may need some help, but still nothing. Until I actually got out on my own and got my own insurance I then explored medication. The doctor prescribed Strattera for me. It did actually help for a short period of time. then somehow i became immune. People asked me if I was on my meds when I was. Then I could tell it had stopped working. I felt no side effects at all though. I stopped taking it and then I felt no different. Well I am headed to the doctor tommorow and trying to get on Adderall. Well I am scared about the after effects that some have been explaining when talk about the coming down period.
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Hello there,

I was diagnosed with Adult ADD a little over a year ago. I went to my primary care physician and stated that I had ADD. I didn't even give him time to ask what I was there for. He asked a few basic questions, such as how long this has been going on, symptoms, etc. I sounded exactly like you do. All through high school, I was told I was lazy, not living up to my potential, I even had my guidance counselor remind me about my IQ about once a week. None of us could figure out why I just wasn't interested in anything. Well, it's because 2 minutes after class would begin, I would be in Lauren world planning what I was going to do this weekend, or should I cut my hair? Nothing even remotely related to what was going on in class. I barely graduated, somehow got through 2 years at a community college, and then began a more prestigous school (only accepted because I was a transfer). When I sat with my doctor, he first mentioned taking Strattera. I had already had my mind set on Adderall after speaking to a friend who was also in his 20's who had just recently began taking it. The Strattera did ABSOLUTELY nothing for me whatsoever. I stayed on that for a few months and then begged to be switched to Adderall. My doctor agreed, and started me on 20mg/day. FINALLY!!!!! It was like a switch had been turned on that was off for so many years. I was finally able to hold an entire coversation. I was also able to complete one task before starting 30 new ones. Not to mention the difference when it came to school. I had never, in my entire education thusfar, EVER been able to take even one full page of notes. By October of every year, my notebooks and binders were somewhere buried in the bottom of my locker and I would just use scrap paper to doodle in class. I am able to focus so well now that other students have offered to pay me to share me notes with them. I can not say enough positive things about this medication. I only wish I had found it in high school. Oh, one more thing ... I wasn't sure of what side effects I would experience when I started this drug, but it somehow managed to knock off the 50 pounds I had packed on from the birth control shot. Not saying that this should be a reason to be on this medication, but it's just one of the many praises I could sing about Adderall. Adderall might not be for everyone, but it sure as hell worked for me. Don't let doctors push you around and medicate you for things that you know you do not have. I was 100% positive I had ADD and stood my ground. I also took every one of those quizzes online and without fail, every time, I would be in tears at the question, because I would think to myself, "Every one of these questions is ME!!!" I would suggest switching doctors until you find one that is willing to even slightly entertain your opinions, because I have found it is absolutely a team effort. I hope all goes well at your appointment. Please keep me posted. Have a very Happy Holiday season!
First, I want to say thank you for all the replies and support from everyone. It helps me keep my sanity.

Sorry I haven't been around for the last month(Holidays, in-laws, etc..) Well to update everyone in Nov I went in to see my psychiatrist and he told me my insomnia was caused by anxiety which he put me on Klonopin for. Last month He told me I was suffering from mild depression(which I knew I wasn't) but he put me on 10mg of Lexapro. This med increased my fidgetiness, restlessness, anxiety, and had no effect on my "depressed" mood.

Well just got back from the doc today and told him I was still having problems concentrating, staying organized and tha the Lexapro has increased my anxiety. He put me on Strattera. He never said aloud I had adult ADD but I know that this med is used for adult ADD. I am actually relieved in a way even though he hasn't actually told me I have adult ADD(probably just jotted on his note ppad). I hope the Strattera helps with my symptoms.