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My son has ADHD and has been thru virtually everything you have described. It is challenging to have such a child. You come to the point where you dread hearing from the school.

I strongly urge you to consider ADHD medication such as Adderall or Strattera. What you describe seems clearly, clearly, ADHD. My child's testing for ADHD took an entire afternoon. On the second day of testing, we learned he also has several learning disablities including dyslexia. This was masked because he has a high I.Q. In your case, I don't understand why they keep testing your son's I.Q. It seems irrelevan. High or low, he can still have ADHD.

Perhaps you are from a small town? Perhaps the folks doing the testing do not specialize in ADHD or learning disabilities. I suggest locating an ADHD specialist in an urban area to have appropriate testing. If you cannot do this, then please just try the medication.

If the medication does not work, you have virtually eliminated ADHD as a problem, and you will have to proceed further with diagnostic testing. If it does work, then your child is finally receiving the help he desperately needs.


We tried 'natural" remedies and all were worthless. There is no shame in prescription medication. Please consider.

With aloha. Hang in there; you and your child are not alone.