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My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD when she was a little over 4.
It started in Kinder she could not sit still or work independently. She cannot do her homework alone and cannot focus for more than 2 or 3 minutes. It made her half hour of homework last hours on end. We tried for years to cope with this without meds. And when she was 7 we started her on Strattera. In my opinion when she takes this med she is not herself. She walks around all day looking lost and tired. She would also laugh at anything then suddenly start crying. Yeah she gets her work done but with all these meds out here and side effects. I am sticking with the NO MEDS option. She only took Strattera for about 6 months. Its hard and takes more time but thats what I signed up for when I had her. Best or worst right. She is now in 5th grade and on the B Honor Roll. She went from F's in 1st to A's and B's in 5th. She just turned 10 and still very hyper but school is getting better slowly. I have helped her by researching and reading books.