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Warning: This is long but I REALLY need help so PLEASE read!!!

Ok, I need help! I have been having problems lately...ok not really lately. They have been going on for years but I have just finally gotten fed up with them and have started educating myself more instead of relying on advice from doctors. So here is my problem. I have 85% of all thyroid symptoms: Dry skin and eczema, dry brittle nails, sensitivity to cold, low sex drive, depressed mood, low basal temperature, high cholesterol, fatigue, memory loss, concentration problems, on and off constipation, and possibly difficulty losing weight although I am not overweight but I have a really hard time maintaining and I know I eat better then most people my age. I mean my instincts tell me that I am hypo and I just keep coming back to it. I refuse to believe that this is not my problem because all the symptoms are so dead on for me. It would solve pretty much all of the problems that I complain about. Yet everytime I see a doctor, they blow it off and immediately give me depression meds. The last doctor visit has me really frustrated because I came prepared with a printed out list of my symptoms and how they relate to thyroid. She took one glance and said "maybe you have adult ADHD". She was about to prescribe Strattera for it when she asked me about my moods and I said "well irritable most of the time and mostly unemotional". She said "well from the sounds of it you have anxiety along with your depression so i'm giving you some Effexor". . . ok so I come in with fatigue problems and we go from ADHD to Depression to anxiety in one doctors visit. I am getting another blood test this weekend and I asked her to test me for TSH, free T4 and free T3 along with Ferritin. The reason she wouldn't consider my thyroid as the problem is because my TSH was already tested (nothing else) and it was 1.16 I think. I do understand that is in the normal range but doesn't T4 and T3 matter at all and what about all my symptoms? Is it really possible that I don't have thyroid problems and anxiety and depression can come across as thyroid or should I keep pushing or find and endo? Sorry for the rambling but I am getting very frustrated with this as I knew I would.