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Hello everyone, as of last week I was diasodes with adult ADHD like I didn't know that lol. My last Dr was awhack last tryed me on the antidepressants saying it was just anxiety well yeah when you feel so restless hyper jittery,can't sit still my legs moves all the time. I allways got to be doing something pacing around etc. I told my last Dr that he just didn't listen to me and my dr I had when I was 5 said I was hyperactive not sure add or adhd, I told him that too.. The anti just made me worst real bad inplusive, suicdal which I never did before well the inplusiveness i allready had from adhd but put it trough the roof. Went to my a new Dr I like him really well I told him what was going on. He said you have adhd and he said he knew it soon as he seen me becasue my legs are going 100 miles allways moveing my hands,restless he put me on 25mg of strattera hci. I been on it for 4 days I feel alittle bit tired which is different for me! I noticed I allready don't feel so restless. My wife has seen alittle different I'am not doing things really really fast like I was still fast but not as fast.I have never took any adhd meds ever. school was hard but I made it. I really hope this med works good. My question is is it possiable to allready get some effect from it? how long does it take to fully work 1 or 2 weeks?
Just curious, how are you doing on the Strattera?

I started Strattera yesterday, and so far so good!! I started at 10mg am and 10mg pm for one week. Then increase to 18mg, then 25mg and so on. I meet with the doctor the week it will be at 25mg twice daily to re-assess. My son takes 40mg a day, he is 8 years old. He has been on it since he was 4yrs. It has helped him so much.

Like you, I also have anxiety which we were targeting first. I always get sexual side effects, so we are going this route now. I hope it helps the ADD and anxiety. I know it helps my son!!

Good Luck, hope it is going well for you!!
I'm [a teenager] and have been taking strattera 50mg for years. It always surprises me how (generally speaking) the majority of the public is misinformed. I've read every book on ADD i could. It generally takes at least 2-3 weeks to get a steady amount in your blood, and it does take a while to adjust. I haven't noticed any...sexual changes like other people, but i do find that it can give you stomach pains to the point of feeling like your coming down with the flu. DO NOT SKIP YOUR DOSE! you will regret it as soon as you start to feel ill afterwards. Otherwise it works fantastic for me, and I can always tell when I haven't taken it. (Windows into the ADD mind, Daniel G. Amen and Living with ADHD by Rebecca Kajander)
good luck!