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Well I been taking strattera for ADHD for 7 days now. I feel better all ready but feel drowsine is this normal which I think it is but does it go away? I noticed I'am not as alert like when driving which is from drowsiness. I also noticed before being treated for ADHD I would crave alcohol like beer when I was hyper ,now I turned down beer. I'am taking it in the morning 8:00 everyday. Is it ok if I start taking it at bed time will it help? drowsiness is the only real sideffect I notice so far beside feeling better inside lol. Is my dose to high? I'am 5/9 169 pounds

thanks Justin
I wonder what your dosage is? My seven year old takes 25mg of strattera at night before bed for this same reason. He has also been on adderall xr for the past couple of years-he now take 25mg of adderall in the morning. he wakes up for me fine and goes to sleep fine too. adderall has a side effect of insomnia, but with taking the strattera at night it seems to counter act that. There is no problem taking strattera in the evening-if your really unsure just call your pharmacist. good luck.
I didn't get to sleep till 4:30 and got up at 8:00. I never did this before taking the med. I told my self I wouldn't take it in the morning and call my Dr well he wasn't in today there office is closed today. Well by 11:00 or so I was so hyper I mean bad. I took my strattera hour later I was fine! I know my Dr is going to have to do something about this sleep problem becuase the next day I will be tired irtiable,edgy,very little axiety problay from lack of sleep. If I get a good night of sleep with the med I'am really good. I'am taking the strattera HCI time relayed. My wife says it's allmost like it's wearing off for me around bed time or like it's not as strong by the need of night. But what gets me is how can a med take the hyperness away and make me feel better as a person but wolt let me sleep at night you would think it would help sleeping for me. I was going to try to take it at night today but with missing a dose I was very hyper my mother and wife said they could see the hyperness in my eye's I took it in a hour I was fine.


My daughter is on adderall and strattera. When she was taking Strattera alone she was sleepy all day, so I put her on it at night but then she wasn't doing her stuff during the day cause there was nothing left in her body to make her settled down. Now she is on 25 mg adderall xr in the morning and 25mg strattera in the evening and so far it have been working ok. She only have been on this dose going on for two months now but I have notice a change. It depends on the person also. What works for one might now work for another. Also I have notice on this medication she is eating alot better now.