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My husband has ADD has not been treated in a long time. We are newlyweds and he is talking about wanting to get back on something again. He has such difficulty finishing tasks...frustrating for me. Also, fidgty and shuts down when he feels overwhelmed. Makes it hard to talk. BUT, I want to understand more and what I can do as his wife to support him and not make matters worse. Anyone with suggestions would be great. It gets very frustrating but I love him so much I want to help him however I can. I have been looking up information on Strattera and they may seem like a way to go. Any ideas??
I just stopped taking Strattera and went to Ritalin. There are some questions your husband may want to ask before starting Strattera. I am 25 and I have low blood pressure (90/60) and I am a healthy weight. Strattera raised my blood pressure significantly and I had heart palpitations, felt light-headed and my heart raced constantly. If I tried to do light cardio excersize I would get sick at my stomach or pass out after less than 10 minutes. I know a couple of other people my age this has happened to. Strattera did help with some everyday adult add symptoms but the side effects weren't worth it. It is ironic that I have switched to a "stimulant" med and don't have those side effects anymore. I am sure this doesn't happen to everyone but definitely monitor your husband's bp if he chooses this drug. I have just started the ritalin so I can't tell you how well that works yet. I was scared of stimulant meds before because of the bad wrap they get, but don't rule them out...They have changed many lives and don't cause any negative side effects for many people. Good luck!