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You got lots of good advice from previous posts. Many ADHDers have found Strattera very helpful. Side effects are bad for the first few weeks then subside. Strattera is an indirect stimulant. 100 mg of Strattera has roughly the same stimulating effect as about 25 mg of methylphenidate (Ritalin).

Each of us respond differently to meds. And I'll tell you for a certainty if you were dxed as an adult, you positively need ongoing psychological counseling to help fix all the damage undiagnosed ADHD has done to you.

To get the help that will enable you to lead a normal life you positively need a psychiatrist well versed in ADHD meds and a psychologist that understands ADHD strategies. The psychologists call the therapy "cognitive behavioral therapy" - translated into English - practical things we can do to manage a variety of situations that usually cause us to fall flat on our face.

Give the process at least one year. Determining the right meds is mostly a trail and error process. The doc will try one and rely on your feedback to determine the next trial. Even differences in delivery system (whether immediate release or extended release and the differences in extended release mechanisms) can make a big difference. It takes time. So does the psychological counseling.