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Hello everyone :wave:
I have been away for a bit, as it's been very stressful. My son who was d/x with ADHD, was also just d/x with Bipolar too. He's on Strattera 100mg, once a day and just started Depakote ER 250mg 2x's a day.
He was still having moments of being VERY irritable, still forgetting to turn in homework, after I found out he had it, and still getting detentions at school, for being disrespectful to teachers and disrupting other students as well. I am at my witts end, as i know he can be very good and he is smart, just doesn't apply it. I'm about to see about gettin Xanax for myself. Anyone know how long it takes for the Depakote to start taking effect! He started it Friday afternoon. I'm open for suggestions, opinions, and hugs!!