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I do not take adderall yet, (i start on saturday), but I have been on Strattera for 4 years and had the same problem w/ constipation. My doctor recomended over the counter "stool softeners", I would ask him 1st, but they seem to be virtually harmless. This is notthe sameas a laxative, it just softens everything so it makes it easier to go. (Sorry if too graphic)!!!
Ok so I started the adderall xr and am not having a constipation issue as I mentioned in my earlier reply, he started me on the addrall 10mg XR and after 3 days my dr has already doubled it to 20mg xr, I actually kinda get a stomach ache and have to go suddenly on the xr, but have also continued to take stool softeners. The other thing for me is that I hav'nt really lost my appetite, I actually feel like it has increased. I know when I went on the Strattera I lost a quick 20-25lbs, maybe the Strattera was calming my appetite? I wonder if adderall xr speeds your metabolism and that is why I feel hungrier? But to answer your question, as many have said on this board before, it really depends on the individual to see how a medication will effect you..I aggree that it seems strange that 1 person can have no appetite, not be able to sleep and have the jitters, while someone else has an increased appetite, be able to sleep better, and be calm!!!