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my son was originally dx'd with ADHD and depression. It wasn't until after his unfortunate stay at the behavioral center, that he was dx'd with ADHD by history, BP/ODD. he is now only on Abilify 5mg @ bedtime. this MAY need to be upped just a tad, we'll see when we go to doc week after next.
B4 he was just on the Abilify........he was Strattera in the beginning.....started out good, but then was useless to him. Then went to Concerta 27mg, then 36mg, with Trazadone at nite. then they added Depakote....well let me tell ya..........that's when #$%@ hit the fan!!! I hated that. that's when he went to the beh. center, via police! i felt like the worse mother in the world,,,,but it was awful. it was from there that he was taken off of everything he was on, and put on the Abilify. Things have been so much better!! :) he still has moments........but those i think are the typical 13yr. old moments. those we can get through.

take care :wave: