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Yes, stimulants can cause depression and mood swings.

Strattera had a very nice mood elevating effect for my son (he wasn't on stimulants, but was starting to get very down on himself because of his inability to fit in). They can be prescribed together. I was worried about the "double-whammy" on his appetite, but his appetite actually impoved when he was prescribed both.
my son was recently diagnosed with ADHD back in November, he is 12. Started on Strattera, was on it for about a month and did nothing for him, was/is also on Trazadone for insomnia. Was not helping him (Strattera) in school AT ALL! He started on Concerta a week ago Friday, we did have to go back to doc. this past week, she started him on 50mg of Zoloft a day, the Concerta is only 27mg. His attitude and temper seems to be much better. we may have to up the Concerta to the next dose, as it's still not really working for him at school. she did mention, if this doesn't work for him, she was going to call his ins. company and tell them that he needs Ambilify. We'll see what happens, we go back to her next wednesday.......hopefully we don't have to go back before then.
He's already been held back, he's still in the 6th grade, was held back in the 5th. he should be in the 8th grade next year........i would hate to see him in the 6th AGAIN! ::::::::::sigh::::::::::
Aaahhh yes.......also on Depakote for BP

take care (((((((((hugs)))))))
I can only tell you what its done for my son. We tried everything else. If a child has strattera it has no stimulant. Some kids with severe ADHD the strattera will do nothing for them. Concerta never caused depression in my son. But they do say every child is different. After my husband died my son was very depressed and he is on concerta and wellbutrin. It has worked really really well.
It's all about finding the "balance" the right combination that will work. We tried everything and I mean everything. The only thing that worked for him was concerta. Hes a completely different kid. He can do his work in school now , hes not failing every subject. He's more focused. Over time as he got older the concerta did have to be increased. But its always worked great. Good luck!