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I'm a 23 year old college student with Asperger Syndrome and ADHD (Inattentive). Yesterday was my first day on Strattera, at a dose of 25 mg. I am told this is a low dose.

The effect, in general, is both positive and negative: While I no longer notice everything around me, I am able to focus on the important things. So I am less alert and more focused, a strange combination. My mind has changed from one of those point-and-shoot cameras, where everything is more or less in focus, to one where the focus can change, so that one object stands out and everything else is blurred (but that one object can be in much better focus than with a point-and-shoot camera).

This change would be acceptable to me, if it weren't for another side effect: The reduction in overall alertness seems to be making me more tired. Taking a caffeine pill this morning offset that a bit, but now that it's worn off, I feel a bit "lazy" and "dull".

I'm still capable of a pretty high level of work--at least as high as without the Strattera--but I don't like this feeling.

Is there a workaround, like my taking a caffeine pill (I normally drink coffee; but I had no time this morning)? Is it OK to drink coffee throughout the day, to combat this tiredness?

Does your body get used to it, and the tiredness fade, after a while?

Or do you just have to live with it?

If you do have to live with it, what's the best way?

Strattera works by altering the brain's neurochemical mix. When drugs attempt to do this, commonly the drugs for mood disorders, the brain resists changing and fights against the drug. After a few weeks, the brain accepts the change, and it is then that strattera starts to work. So do not judge strattera until you have been on it for two or three weeks. And strattera seems to increase its effectiveness over even longer periods of time.