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[QUOTE=Raq;44685]Are there any wives, girlfriends living with a ADHD significant other? I am 24yrs old and I've been with my boyfriend (34yrs old) for 3 yrs. We've gone through some really rough times because of his untreated ADHD. We love each other very much and recently he began taking Strattera. We're optimistic about our future and plan to get married and have kids. Do any more experienced spouses have any advice to share. I'd appreciate it!

I am sorry I meant to reply to your thread. Anyway my husband is now taking adderall and so is my step son. All I can tell you. Is to be patience and love him. Decide if you can go for the long haul. Sometimes you are going to be very angry. But take care of yourself, get your needs met in other ways. Depend on your understanding and supportive family and friends. Find other outlets. You are going to be the one who takes up the slack or lack I should say. Imagine a puppy whom you left home alone and he chewed your favorite pair of shoes. The puppy greets you at the door, happy to see you and there is no malice. No sense in punishing the puppy, he just couldn't help itself. Now your boyfriend is not a puppy, for sure. But, this analogy has helped me put things in perspective.