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We have a son, now 9, who was diagnosed with ADHD at a very early age. His behavior has been extreem since he was a toddler. He began medication at age 6 so he could function in school. We settled on Concerta, although recently the doctor we took him to really wanted to switch him to Strattera due to mood swings, as well as ticks that have developed. The doctor said Concerta can worsen ticks in some kids.

We reduced his dose of the Concerta from 36 to 18, but never totally eliminated it. The Strattera takes quite a while to work (8 weeks or more), but the combo seemed great for a while. His moods leveled off, he was more outgoing and also, his ticks went away. He gained several pounds.

Soo... Everything was great for several months. About 2 or three months ago, he started to downslide with his behavior at school, specifically at recess. He has a terrible time with controlling his temper lately, and is aggressive when he gets upset. He is really easily upset. The result is several trips to the Principals office, kids being hit, kicked, or bitten by my son, etc.....He is doing really well in the classroom, and and his school work is progressing, though. We notice the same at home. His behavior is much worse in situations where there are several kids playing a game outside. This is when he usually snaps.

Anyhow, I assumed that he maybe needed to increase the dosage of his medications, since he had gained alot of weight and also since the combination had worked so well for the prior months. I was not surprised, though, when the doctor wound up sending us home with a starter pack for some other antidepressant medication to replace the Strattera. I was really upset, and spoke with his regular pediatrician about it. We decided instead to bump up the concerta to help control the impulsive behavior. This has not helped. I am totally frustrated.

To me, Ritalin has been around forever. I feel better about it (not that I love giving my kid any med), but the others....I am so worried about the long-term effects of these drugs on his developing brain. I am looking for any and all suggestions on how to help my son learn to control his temper. I really don't want to just keep dishing more drugs on him, but I have to find a way to help him. Is this the only solution? Has anyone been able to successfully address this temper management issue behaviorally?