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Tommorow I start my 1st day of adderall, and I am very nervous. I have been on Strattera for 4 years and thought that it was not working as it had in the past. I was diagnosed with sever ADHD at age 25 and was put on 80mg of Strattera. Well I recently saw a psychiatrist and explained my situation, and he immediately said he wanted me to try Adderall (10mg to start). I have read hundreds of articles on this drug and alot of them really scare me. I thought Strattera was not doing me any good until these past 10 days of slowly being weined off. I feel so ADHD again, the way I had my whole life before being on Strattera..I am worried that I may have made a mistake by tring something new. The first 3 weeks of being on the Strattera was hell and I don't want to go through that again!!! I feel like I am stuck, because I have already been completely weined off and am to start the new meds tomorrow. To make matters worse I am 4 months away from my wedding day and am dealing with this mess. Can anyone share some words of wisdom? Or maybe a similar story?
Adderall is not like Strattera. Adderall is a straight-up stimulant--that means if it works, it'll work right away. Strattera has to build up in your body for a while.

Also, at 10 mg, it's unlikely you'll have real trouble with side effects--it's a low dose, starting out low so you know what it does to you. You might have to ramp up in the future; so you might not feel enough of an effect right away, and have to increase the dose before you can figure out that it helps or doesn't help.

Worst case: you have serious trouble with side effects, but it wears off way quicker than Strattera; so you can just stop taking it and they'll fade. Usually you end up with stuff like insomnia or lack of appetite--unpleasant but not intolerable, and gone in a day.

It's a pretty safe experiment to try. If you haven't taken a stimulant med before, it does to your brain pretty much what coffee does--only it targets your brain only, instead of giving you serious jitters like an equally effective dose of caffeine would. You basically get more will-power and focus; so it's easier to do what you want to do instead of getting lost in a lot of confusion.

Anyway, if you give it a decent chance and it doesn't work, yell at your psych about it and go back to the Strattera. If s/he's not listening to you, then get a new doctor! After all, even doctors have to worry about customer satisfaction...