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So I started 10 mg of adderall xr today and it took a good 2 1/2 hours before I really felt it kick in. I just felt a little more energy, but nothing really significant. I know my doctor started me on a low dose, but I think it may be too low. I also am feeling a little hungry, which I hear is unusual. I am just getting off of 80 mg of Strattera for the past 4 years. Has anyone else had this experience where it was'nt seeming so effective?

If you recently cold-turkeyed the Strattera, its withdrawal symptoms may be counteracting the Adderall.

In any event, hold a steady course, call doctor Monday AM, tell what's happening, and follow his/her advise.

I'd say your doctor started you on exactly the right dose. Everything appears fine and now all you and doc need is time - to find optimal dose for you.