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That's a good idea to get a sleep study. My husband (with RSD) was diagnosed with both central and obstructive sleep apnea. Obstructive is when your throat relaxes and your airway is blocked. That's the most common, especially if someone is overweight. The doctor said that the central apnea (when your brain doesn't tell you to breathe) can be caused by medication, especially narcotics like methadone. He got a special VPap machine that adjusts for both. I should also say that he hates it and doesn't like to use it because the mask leaks. So he sleeps sitting up, which helps his back to not hurt and also helps obstructive sleep apnea.
So, good luck with your test. (By the way, as I think I have said before, he is now taking Strattera instead of Provigil and it is really helping him stay awake.)