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Strattera? Ugh,great, that explains a possible reason for high blood sugars. Yes, I know ADHD can be hard without meds but maybe diabetes is worse than that, isn't it? If he could end up not needing diabetic meds, that would be worth dumping the Strattera IMHO. Diabetes is not only very disabling in some people, life endangering, but extremely costly! Skipping all those meds/docs would almost make unemployment look good.

He could try weaning off Strattera, and take fish oil(very good for brain) or even the recently studied combo of fish oil and primrose oil for ADD as they found it improved ADHD. Regular exercise and good food(not alot of sugar); also, green tea has powerful antioxidants to support the immune system.

My husband's friend has diabetes and said they found in studies that taking 1/4 tsp cinnamon twice a day helps regulate blood sugar...but this is not going to work if one is taking blood sugar raising medications or eating alot of sugar.

If your husband felt better physically as a result of some changes, maybe his ADD would even improve or not matter as much as far as work went. At this point, why not try something to get his health back.....if it doesn't work, then he can always have his Strattera and diabetes meds for life if so be it.

I don't want to sound negative, but we know a woman who got diabetes from her antidepressant(no family or previous history) and even with diabetes meds, she died because she chose that over losing her legs!!

Now, I'm not saying that happens to everyone(it doesn't) but diabetes is definately more serious IMHO than ADD and some choices must be made when faced with the possibility that Strattera might be causing this diabetes in your husbands' case. Maybe it isn't, but I think it's worth a shot to see if weaning off of Strattera would prevent this diabetes problem. I sort of side with the doc on this one.

Perhaps dietary changes and no Strattera would control things and avoid the costly medications.
My husband has never tried Strattera yet.But he is a very miserable man. If you don't have ADHD then you can't imagine how poorly you feel with it. He has had it his entire life and it has cost him some jobs and he has made huge mistakes that have affected our lives until we die. It is as serious as anything is to our quality of life that he address his ADHD.

He sees the eye doctor on Monday to make sure no eye involvment has ocurred, then meet once again with all test data with the doctor and start the program.

Jenna I am not sure what you are saying?

We both have major physical problems now and it looks like most of our days will be spend making sure we eat, drink and exercise correctly:(
I'm sorry,to me it sounded like he was already on strattera since you said he couldn't live without it; I took that as he has been taking it and didn't want to discontinue it.

I would say IMHO he should live without it if he does want to control his blood sugars but everyone has to make those types of choices for themselves I am only expressing my own thoughts on what I would choose.

I personally would be very afraid of making the diabetes situation worse as I mentioned before sometimes it is very hard to manage and has sometimes extreme consequences for some people.

I do hope perhaps he can control it with diet and lifestyle changes, maybe it would even go away as I have heard people with type 2 do not have the genetic problem to worry about. I read a statistic where they said 95% of type 2 diabetes is lifestyle related, yikes, maybe some nitpicking will unveil some of the factors. Even stress raises cortisol, which raises blood sugar and as you mentioned you have alot of that going on, unfortunately.

Alcohol, caffeine, nicotine raise blood sugar, part of the lifestyle change might be to give up any of these if necessary.

In my family, my uncle had type 2 caused by prednisone medication used for his lungs because of smoking. My grandmother had it, we suspect from using nicotine habitually in the form of snuff. My mother doesn't have it at all nor my dad but they avoided nicotine and even though my mom takes prednisone for polymyalgia rheumatica, she hounded and fought to make her doc get her on a low dose after awhile or I'm sure she'd have diabetes by now. However, her bones got wrecked after 8 years on the stuff and she's basically disabled now.

In your husbands case I hope things work out just be careful of antidepressants or other meds that might make things worse. Good luck, sorry for so many problems maybe things will get better, it's possible.
Thanks for your concern. Thankfully, neither of us has ever smoked, drank etc. We were in ministry for 26 years (married for 31 now), then due to a terrible thing happening we came to live in this metro area.
My husband was a pop drinker--BIG TIME!! He has been in the car business since we had to come here 5 years ago and just slugs back the sodas like crazy in the heat and stressful situations he finds himself in.How he only remains about 10 pounds overweight I will never know.
He got fired 3 weeks ago from his finance manager postition and our income went from 5 K per month to 3 K. BIG drop! This was due to his inability to concentrate, organize and making mistakes on paperwork. He isn't dumb. He has a master's degree. It is this vexing ADHD which has been a constant trouble.
I do understand how difficult the meds will be and it is possible he won't be able to take the strattera since his life is way more important that making money, but we are hoping that he will succeed. The doctor says he must be on the diabetes med.
I am sure things will get better. I have faith. I have survived his affair, loss of my home I had for 19 years, lived in his parents front room for over a year afterwards and now my own pain from a destroyed spine. Seems this is just another part of life. It is good to come to these boards and vent though!
Keep us in your prayers as we try to navigate this new territory! karen