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If it gives you some energy, take it. I have learned that if it helps, take it. I suffer from the severe fatigue, terrible pain, and oh my skin is so crawly. We tried Provigil, for the fatigue, which did nothing to help me (that is a narcolepsy drug) and so my rheumy switched me to Strattera. It is a little newer than ritalin but in the same family. It has helped a lot. I take one a day. There are days that I do need 2 to keep energy up and help with the fatigue in my legs. Now I just need to get this pain more under control. My muscles are bulging all over, even with all my meds. I only have a couple good months each year. Then the weather hits and I am down for months at a time. Nothing helps except pain medication to make it somewhat bearable. No sleep last night. I spent the night in the jacuzzi. Even the pain meds did not do much to ease the pain. They say that this doesn't darn fibro does not progress, but it has gotten worse the last year. Well, thanks for listening to me crab. Appointment in a couple days at the rheumy. Sometimes a shot of steroids helps me out.