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I'm new over here, but have been reading and posting on the Cancer Prostate board for 2 years. I had prostate cancer diagnosed at age 48 2 years ago and had a prostatectomy shortly thereafter. It apparenty removed all the cancer and other than some stricture/bladder neck obstructon issues I've had no problems from that.

Now I'm 50, and at a physical in July I had a BP of about 172/115. This after never having any BP problems and a normal BP reading in March at my every 6 month uro appointment to check PSA level. My younger brother (age 48) and mother (78) have had high BP for several years.

My doctor put me on 20 mg of Benicar. After about 6 weeks it didn't really help much so she doubled it to 40 mg. After 2 weeks at that level it still wasn't down enough (especially the bottom number) so she added 10 mg of Dynacirc. Afrer 3 weeks on that regimen, my BP is now down to usually upper 120's over low to mid 80's and was even 118/78 last week.

I was just wondering - anyone I talk to who's on BP meds never mentions the 2 meds I'm on. A book my insurance company just send out didn't mention either one.

Anyone have any experience with either? I've had a little nausea and just a little dizzyness since I started them but nothing bad at all.

I'm also on 40 mg of Strattera for ADD - started it on Oct 6. It had a slight BP warning (can cause it to go up or down) but apparently I've had no BP problems from it - only some slight sleepnessless (fall asleep OK but wake up early and can't go back to sleep).

I've also given up 90% of the caffiene I was consuming over the last 3 months. I used to drink Diet Mtn. Dew and iced tea every day. Now I occasionally will have a little iced tea or Diet Pepsi when there's nothing else. I mostly now drink Caf. Free Diet Mtn Dew, Diet Squirt and Lipton Green Tea.
Thanks for the replies. My family doctor is a fairly new doc - she's a woman in her late 40's/early 50's who we knew before she was a doc. She and her husband (a co-worker of ours) raised their kids, then she went to med school. I think she's probably more into the newer meds than the older ones.

She thought about giving me a diuretic at first with the 20 mg Benicar but since we were about to go on a vacation to the beach she didn't want me to suffer through getting used to a diuretic right then. As I mentioned above also, I have some urination problems as a complication of my prostatectomy. I can't urinate very well standing up or sitting all the way down. It works best in a 'crouch' over the toilet - some women have told me that's the female 'hover' position for public toilets that they don't want to sit on. (BTW I've found that to be a good reason to hover anyway in men's rooms as well - lots of guys don't aim well and don't wipe their 'splash' off the seat that comes up from the water in the bowl).

My urine stream is not very wide and without a lot of pressure and it takes a little while but I can empty sufficiently to avoid bladder infections and other problems. That was bit of a concern with the Strattera also - it has 'urinary hesitation ' and 'urine retention' listed as possible side effects, but I've had no issues like that.

If this regimen is working for me I think I'll stay with it for a while. The last thing I'd want is something that would make me have to go more..... Just wanted some feedback since I hadn't found anyone who were on those meds.