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Interesting that you should bring this up. My husband (in his 50's, not a kid:)), has had problems with not being able to pay attention, remember, focus, etc. The doctor suggested trying Strattera, which has helped tremendously. It has improved his memory, his ability to figure out instructions for putting something together, or learning a new computer program, etc. We don't know if the attention problems were caused by RSD, medication, or inherent (I don't think that is the case because he was incredibly efficient, years ago). He takes lots of other meds--methadone, wellbutrin, cymbalta, lyrica, etc. and the pharmacist says they are all fine together.
That's good to know. I wonder if it is the RSD causing the memory and focus problems (I know it can), or if it is the medication, or simply undiagnosed ADD. Regardless of the initial cause, school and job success are affected. If taking something like Strattera or Concerta would improve things, that would be great. I would like to hear from others, too, especially teens and their parents that have had to deal with this issue.
That's exactly how my husband was, before the Strattera. He would read the same newspaper article over and over because he would forget the beginning of the article by the time he got to the end. We got really nervous when he could not even read a map. He was an electronics engineer, so he was really freaked out when he could not follow even the simplest directions of how to put something together. He credits the Strattera for bringing back a lot of his reasoning ability.
Hi "Tame", how are you doing? Haven't heard from you in awhile.
Hi Sunny good to see you too! yes it has been a while! been having some major pain issues I've been dealing with so you know how that is. What is Strattera? and how does it work? I bet all this must be so hard on your husband. You really seem to be such a good support sympton for him and a loving wife..That's very special..Hope your doing good yourself
Strattera is a drug used for ADD, similar to Ritalin or Concerta. He takes 80 mg once a day (he started with 40 and Dr. upped it to see if he would get more benefit, which he did). It was actually the pain psychologist's idea first, and then the pain management doctor agreed, and prescribed it. My husband has been pretty stable now, pain-wise, so we are holding steady on his other meds. Of course he has flare-ups, but usual is a 4 or 5.
I'm fine, busy with teaching. We are trying to settle with WC, and that takes up a lot of effort.
Hope you find something that works for you.