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OK everyone let's slow down a minute. First of all I am really feeling "attacked" at the moment. I thought very long and hard about going back on the Percocet. Yes, yesterday did happen to be an anomaly. Plus, I don't think the Lortab was completely out of my system before I took the Percocet. Then I was extremely tired from not sleeping well. I think that was why I was feeling so weird having some of the hydrocodone, Ultram, and then Percocet in my system. Today is much different with no Lortab and I am slowly decreasing the Ultram. My pain is back up to a 6 right now as it has been the last couple of weeks. The other reason it had gone down was the weather was better yesterday, I had rested my foot the last couple of days, and then the combo of the meds all in my system.

Today is completely different. I do realize that the feeling from the Percocet is different than the feeling from the Lortab. I do realize that it is stronger. I really struggled whether to increase the patch which I really do not want to do at the moment, or increase my BT meds. I prayed, came to you guys for advice, and really did some searching on just how active I am going to be. I have been going through alot and I am still going through withdrawal from the Effexor. My psychiatrist is putting me on Clonidine to see if that helps. I looked at the pamphlet for Strattera and I meet all the conditions of ADD but she didn't think so. My bi-polar and anxiety are out of control and needs to be treated appropriately as well. It wasn't like the other poster where I might have went from 5/500 Lortabs to 40mg Oxycontin. I am trying not to get mad but I felt like I was being "harshly" judged. I will keep you all posted.