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For the last three or four weeks I've felt excessively thirsty all the time - my throat is dry and my tonsils look a tiny bit swollen (not too bad, I'm not even sure they're actually swollen). No matter how much water -and low sugar gatorade- I drink, as soon as the liquid is swallowed my throat feels just as dry as before.

Added to that, whenever I drink (water, gatorade, etc) I feel nauseated. If I drink too fast (say, five or six big gulps without a breath- normally not a problem), I put myself on the verge of actually puking.

Constant sinus pressure - not a lot, just enough - adds to the nausea as well. My nose isn't stuffed up at all, but it just feels "heavy" through my sinuses and I often have small aches behind my eyes.

I thought at first that I was just dehydrated - I'm on strattera, and dehydration is one of the side effects - but now I'm constantly drinking and nothing has changed.

...Does this sound like something anyone can recognize??? :p I feel like a freak! My husband suggested trying allergy meds for a week or so and seeing if things got better. It seems to be worse when I'm at work than when I'm at home, so allergies might make sense.....