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I was dignosed with Attention deficit disorder when I was 15 years old. I had
always had trouble concentrating in school. My physiciatrist put me on Strattera and I think that helped at first but now at 21 years old I'm having alot of trouble with concentration, memory both short term and some long term. He put me on Ritalin and then Adderall to aid the Strattera and this just made me nervous and then deppressed when it wore off. This has caused me to let go from minimum wage jobs and fail in school. I also don't have alot of friends. I went to a neurologist and she ordered an MRI scan that came back normal. She also ordered blood test checking Vitamin and heavy metal levels which also came back normal except I was a little low in copper.
She was talking like I needed to except my limitations and get on social security. I also posted on the Attention Deficit board but I'm posting this here because I feel my problems are too severe to be ADD and I haven't had much luck with the ADD medications. I'm pretty sure I use to be more witty, and I know my memory was better. I don't want to give up finding what's wrong with me until I've tried all my options. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. Also Does anyone know if there is a scan that shows damages in the brain that the MRI scan might have not showed?

Thanks :)
Hi Nichole

As I said, my daughter suffers from ADHD and has struggled for many years. It affected her school work, her social life, she had trouble sleeping and she was just plain miserable!!

She was seeing a DR who just kept giving her more and more meds. This definately made her more nervous and her anxiety increased. By Jr high, she was a mess!!

I decided to start all over. I weaned her off all her meds (and she was on 7 or 8) and left the practice and started with a brand new doctor. She was unmedicated so this gave her new Dr a chance to see exactly what issues were her own, not side affects from too many meds.

He started her very slowly, starting with strattera. But the anxiety was still a big issue. They then startd her slowly on effexor for her anxiety. She was in a clear state of mind at this point and was able to see what issues were still at hand.

The dr increased the effexor and noticed that the anxiety would only increase with more meds. For my daughter, there was a fine line where we had to not push it with an extra dose.

My daughter is 16 this year and with the help of a great therapist, med doctor and the right "cocktail" , she is doing very well. Last year she made the honor roll for the 1st time since 3rd grade. It was a proud moment.

She still has anxiety and is working on her social skills. She has made friends. She got a new haircut, dressed more confidently and I tell her all the time that even though she feels self consious on the inside, its the outside that people see. Hold your head high and be proud of who you are and others will see that.

I wish you well Nichole. Your young and have a whole life ahead of you!! Make sure the dr your seeing is good and a therepist that your comeplety comfortable with is a must!!

Hold your head high!!