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I have decided to call my doc tomorrow. I have tried cutting back, ect on my meds, even going off of the patch [only 12's] to combat the the fatigue, and my pain is of course a ton worse.

I know I shouldnt be afraid to talk to my doc, he is so kind and wonderful, but a lot of times whn Im trying to explain something the opposite comes out. To make it worse, I can only talk to him via phone, right now, and I dont have a half hour to explain things.

How can I explain to him that they are wiping me out, without him taking my dose down?

Im afraid it will be his first suggestion. Id like to try something like Brian has thought about, the Provogil, but I also suffer from adult ADHD. This doc hasnt ever treated me for ADHD. I kind of got tired of taking the meds for it...concerta, Ritalin, Strattera, ect. I havent tried Adderall, but with all of the scary stuff out about it, Im afraid to. Also I dont know if I can because of my work...When I was on Ritalin, I was on a break from my work.

So does anyone have any ideas? My doc is wonderful, but he tends to weed things out first, by trial and error, and Im afraid the meds will be the first suggestion, only because evryone hs pointed out how narcotics make you tired and effect the CNS. Im not on that much, either. And like all of you, my meds allow me to function as close to normal as possible. BUT they are taking that away from me slowly. Im just tired all of the time.

I got my labs back and will be faxing them to him tomorrow morning, every thing under the sun was covered. Also like I stated, Im seeing the NP about those and possible digestive problems tomorrow as well.
Maybe Im just getting scared about nothing, but its always nice to hear what you guys have to say.
Any advice would be helpful as always, you guys are the best~