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I posted the other day and I have more questions.

Background: TSH currently 4.6. It was 3.6 in March and 4.0 last summer. I have no symptoms at all of hypothyroidism. I'm a 51 yr old male. I'm on Benicar & Dynacirc for high blood pressure, Protonix for stomach acid and Strattera for ADD. I'm a 3-year prostate cancer survivor (radical prostatectomy July 2005). My 44 year old sister has been hypo for years (TSG 139 at diagnosis) and is on Synthroid.

My doctor (general practice) says I don't need to take anything now if I don't want to, just watch for symptoms and get TSH check every 4 months. She said going on something now could make it easier than waiting for when symptoms show up. I asked checking about T3, T4, free T3, free T4, antibodies, etc. She said we could do that but it's expensive and with a just above normal TSH it may not show much.

My questions:
Should I ask for referral to a Endocrinologist now? Later (if symptoms begin)?

Is she right that more detailed testing won't show much now? I found and survived my prostate cancer because it was found very early - I had a PSA test 2 years before I should have been tested. My mindset is to get as much info now and improve my chances if it would be thyroid cancer - if it can be detected now.

Any info would be appreciated, thanks....