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Prozac and Wellbutrin are not the same thing, Prozac works on Seratonin in the brain and to my knowledge has little to no effect on ADHD. Wellbutrin on the other hand, should increase the levels of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain and has been shown to help ease the symptoms of ADHD in some people.

I can see that your situation would be frustrating, winking. What antidepressants are they prescribing to you? Wellbutrin and Strattera have both been shown to have some effect on ADHD, and may well do you some good, though unlike stimulant meds would take time to become effective; stick with them for three weeks to a month before making a judgement.

In the short term, I would recommend continuing to work with your psychiatrist. Be honest with them and let them know if the antidepressant road isn't working, and see if they agree to go with stimulants over time. It may be that this is the process they go through, as many doctors are concerned about the threat of addiction and abuse that stimulants pose.

If you can't get your psychiatrist to cooperate, you may have more luck with a neurologist, but then you may not, the only way to know is to try.