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how many hours does strattera last
hi hazel my son takes the same medication and i was told it lasts 24 hours.. my son recently started strattera and it last him only a few hours but he is still in the beginning of taking it and needs the dose increasing to what should suit him for his age and weight which as to be increased over a period of time.. how long is it lasting you?
hi hazel

thanks for your reply my son is more or less the same only a little hypo better than he was and he's stopped his funny noises but ive noticed that his tics seem to be more often than before. after talking to you it seems that strattera may be a good drug to be on after all. :)
hi kerylyn

thats good to know that strattera works well for your son, my son has been on strattera for about 3mths now and even though i can see a slight difference in him it doesnt last as long as the doctor said,, she advised me to give it to him in the evening and im just thinking is that because he's recently been put on strattera im wonderiing if my son will benefit if i gave it to him in the morning that way might improve his school day i know he's not on the right dose yet but i think i will suggest to doctor about giving it him in the morn thanks for your post very useful to read :)