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I know a woman who was on hydrocodone for many yrs for her back.I don't know the facts of her situation,but her doc. felt she was becomming or already was addicted to her med. so he put her on 8 mg of soboxone.She was telling me that only a handfull of doctors can write a perscription for this med.and also the doc. can't have any more than 30 patients on this med. at a time.Why is that? You would think a drug like fentyol,or oxycotin etc. would have these stipulations more so than suboxone.
According to the DEA doctors must be certified to prescribe Suboxone and they are pretty strict about it's controlled use for opiod dependance. There are more than just a handful of doctors, it might be the case that in her area there is only a handful but where I live I found at least 100 different doctors. They have an actual website that you can find a doctor in your area who is legally allowed to prescribe it. The mfg website indicates that it is used for:
Suppress symptoms of opioid withdrawal
Decrease cravings for opioids
Reduce illicit opioid use
Block the effects of other opioids
Help patients stay in treatment

You can't really compare it to oxy or fentanyl because it's not used in the same way. It's primary reason is for depedance not pain management. If one were to compare it to anything it would be compared to Methadone as it's primary use is for the treatment of herion addiction.

I'm not sure why or if there is really a restriction on the amount of individuals they can treat at one time, the DEA does not specify that, it only specifies that they must be certified in order to prescribe it.
Suboxone can be prescribed by any doctor for treatment of pain, but must be prescribed by a certified doc for detox.
my doc said that the 30 for detox doesn't count those using for pain management. I showed him my mri, emg, and my past surgeries. hopefulling those who do suffer from chronic pain will be able to try suboxone. It has been a life saver.

I don't have the depression or anxiety anymore. I want to get out and do things now.

I just hope it's not that difficult to come off of as the other opiates. jayboy
It is Buprinorphine with naltrexone (so it can't be crushed and injected) The drug (bup) has been around for a while and can be prescribed by any MD. Yes, being a doctor is being "certified" to prescribe anything. If you are using it in the form Suboxone it is to treat addiction. You will need special certifications for this like any other specialty.