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Yeah, I've been cautious about everything latley. But the suboxone doctor I'm seeing specializes in pain treatment and he is aslo a certified adictionologist. He's going to write a letter to file making the distinguishment between pain managment and addiction as it pertains to my case. Thanks for the concern!
Dear shakorox,

I hope your Suboxone doctor will make your letter clearly state that the usage of your medications are appropriate for your pain--and that the dosage amounts are not unusual in any way. As well, it wouldn't hurt for this letter to mention the statistics that millions of people use opiate pain medications to help them function AT WORK! Finally, do you have access to a copy machine? I would love for several of those people to get 2 copies--one for them to read while they are busy yanking the other one out of their...

I'm one of those people who tend to shy away from wanting to develop groups of people who all have the same "interest". Do we, as CP'ers, have a national organization? I'm ashamed that I don't even know.

Does anyone know of a legitimate national organization for people who use opiates for legitimate purposes?? Just thinking about it makes me realize that there would be all sorts of pitfalls involved, but this story makes me believe we need a specific organization that would make employers think twice before messing with us. Maybe I'm just dreaming.

This would probably be a great time for a new thread!

Jon (Conductor)