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I have a friend that goes to the pain clinic I used to go to and he does the same thing when the weather warms up. We live in Michigan and the winters can be brutal. He drops his dose slower though. He doesn't drop 40% at once. Have you done that before? I'm no expert but when I was taking 100mg Kadain daily I made a 40% drop to 60mg daily and boy that was brutel. I went through withdraw and couldn't sleep for at least a week and a half. Then my pain was so bad from not sleeping and being on the lower dose it took several days until I stabilized. But I was on a much lower dose than you are so mabey it doesn't have as much of an effect dose reducing at higher levels. Reguardless, kudos to you for not going up and up and up. Myself I just switched to Suboxone for my PM and suprisingly it is working a lot better for my pain that any full opiod antagonist did after I developed tolerence. I hope that makes sense what I just said, it's been a long week.:confused: