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My previous post was Suspended from Work Because of Meds!

Hello everyone,

Because of all the issues with work, my doc does not feel comfortable perscribing narcotics to me anymore! So I did some research and found a doc who uses suboxone for pain managment. I have been in complete withdraw since taking my last narcotic on tuesday! However I started the suboxone today and so far I'm okay, I posted about it on the Addiciton/ Recovery board. I've taken 12mg so far today and if I wake tonight and cant get back to sleep the Doc told me to take another 4mg. Then I am supposed to call him in the morn.

My back still hurts pretty bad but I think it might be left over withdrawl pain. I guess I'll find out in the morning! Suprisingly tylenol and ketaprophin work a lot better then they ever did when I was on the morphine. It's amazing how the suboxone made the withdrawls dissapear. I'm adjusting to the med hour by hour and as time goes on me head is getting clearer. Ealrier I was a little dazed after my first two doses but it;s getting better and my back pain is slowley subsiding! I didn't sleep last night because of withdrawls, so I;m gonna take a couple benedryl and have a siesta fiesta! I post how I feel tommorrow.

Hey Derek, You do understand that suboxone is an opiate, It's just a mixed opiate agonist/antagonist so there is little chance of producing a high because the antagonisstic action prevents it. Taking it while actively dependent or doing a cold switch from an opiate to suboxone will send most people into withdrawal. It's probably a good thing that you were able to detox a little rather tha having the Bup purge you instantly.

If suboxone is to be used, IMO it should really be the first line in opiates rather than something you through in the middle. Because it's an opiae it is a pain killer, but as far as drug testing, each drug has it's own metabolite they have to specifically look for, Suboxonme is so new it's not likely many drug tests are able to detect it, but it's not like you would be returning to work opiate free and if your employer is dead against any type of opiate and knows enough about opiates, I'm not sure it's really going to be the answer your employer is looking for. If he's not well versed in Suboxones uses, he may simply come to the conclusion your taking it for addiction maint the way methadone is used for opiate addiction. I do hope it helps with the pain and should clear your head, but because it's only FDA aproved for detox, it's going to cary a stigma with some docs that still believe only addicts use methadone. I do hope all goes well and the withdrawal will deminsih pretty quickly from here on out.

Good luck, Dave
Thanks Dave,

I'm having trouble sleeping but feel a lot better. My doc was trying to explain somthing I'm not sure I understand. He said he saw a presentation on it at a recent pain managment conference. He was explaining that when you are on particular opiates (his example was methadone) for an extended period of time your brain knows that somthing is still wrong with your body so it produces more opiate receptors. He said that because of the extra receptors there is more pain.

He said there were some studies showing a pain patient on a low dose of Meth for an extended period of time who's pain was actually less when they were taken off the medication and adjusted. I don;t think I'm explaining this right, but his point was that he has patients who are on maintenence suboxone that are in less pain then when they were on full opiod antagonist. However he was adimit that this is just a theory because there are not enough studies done on suboxone for pain managment. So I guess we'll see.
I have noticed that tylenol and nsaid's work a lot better while taking suboxone versus the morphine.