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BIGGEST Dilemma ever, is this WRONG???!!! Please help!


I have been seeing my Family doctor for about a year now, when i began seeing him, i had just moved, as well as just had a baby, was having a lot of problems with my fibro and herniated discs. I was seeing a previous doc, who is too far away to see, for five years before that. Mainly i was on every pain med known to man, and the only thing that worked is duragesic, or oxycontin for my bad spells, which is about 90% of the time. I began with this doc taking suboxone for pain since I didn't want to rely on a strict narcotic. But after a few months I couldn't handle it anymore, and went back on the oxycontin, he then changed me to duragesic (generic of course), and then back to oxycontin, however my insurance would only allow 60 a month, and required me to take 90 a month, so that got costly. I called him last week to advise him i could only fill partial of my script and couldn't afford the rest, and he advised me during my visit, that he is giving me a month to find another doctor, that he is just a family doctor not a specialist, and i need to see a specialist, ive been trying to get into a specialist for months, but it takes long. I know that none of the specialist that take my insurance have an opening for at least 3 months. He told me that my condition is too complex for him to handle, and IF or IF I DONT find a doctor , June 15 is the last time he would treat me. He changed my med over to Dilaudid, which isn't helping me at all. But im deathly afraid to call him and tell him that. Is this right what he is doing Ive never done anything wrong, was always honest with him, and don't know how a doctor can have you on narcotics for such a long time, and just cut u off, you can get really sick, and i will not even be able to get out of bed, or care for my baby, i am so scared and don't know what to do...does anyone know anyone in NE PA (pocono area) that is a good doc, and belives in using meds, so that could help me with my search.:blob_fire