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Bekah thnks sooooo much !!! ive been on opiates for 8yrs and there losing there affect, ive been exploring other options and sub is one that seems like a good one, they had talked about 8mg tabs i am to stop percs(10mgs x 10 a day,tho ive also had fentanyl an oxy in the past) at 8pm then to see him @9am where i will get a shot (ive forgotten wats in it )for w/d,s an start the sub, he said i would be pain free an w/d free.

Im trying to find out if wat he says is true or he just wants my $200.00
( he doesnt accept ins )


i dont have the cash to spare if it will be nonaffective. THANKS
I have heard alot of things about suboxone for pain but most;y for opiate withdrawl. i have seen on several site that it is not good for pain management but then again they were prob. not doctors and niether am I so i cant say for sure. i do know that they are right about being in withdrawl before startin it or opiate free for a few weeks. it can and will throw you into withdrawl. i have sen it personally with my grandfather who had a bad doctor after his PM doc retired. he was on almost 200mg's of oxycontin before starting it and the doc started him on it while he was still on it....same day or next...anyway pretty close. what it is is standard opiate medcation to my knowledge is a pure opioid agonist meaning it stimulates the receptors in something called a pleasure center in your brin(in short terms)...also please guys dont laugh at me!! LOL...I am simple minded and this is how my PM doc had to break it down for me to understand me medication!!!...LOL....anyway it stimulates those receptors and blocks the pain messages your body sends to your brain to tell you that you are in pain and also is resposnible for the "high" the abusers feel when the abuse opiate medication. Suboxone has something called a antagonist in it to block those receptors alot to almost eliminate the high when abused. it still has the narcotic in it(opiate buphorine..not spelled right at all but close) to keep the body from going into opiate withdrawl because it has the opiate the body is used to...just doesnt produce the same high. but when used with ppl who has been on opiates for sometime it blocks those receptors and also causes the medication to not be as effective as it used to be therefor causeing withdrawl symptoms. the abuser still has withdrawl but not nearly as bad and they cannot really get the same high they once had so not as wonderful to them to say I guess......there are still alot of docs that like to use it but i have seen first hand it does not provide much relief and when I asked my doc about switching to it he absolutly said NO...like a really stern no....he said he does not belive in it for PM and will not use it. he is also a phyciatrist so he said he deos use it in opiate withdrawl but that is all. I really hope this helps you and i am in now way trying to discourage you from trying it, by all means ALWAYS listen to your doctor first...no matter what anyone else says. you can try ****** searchinf suboxone ans pain management and you will find more info about it. You should make your appointment and discuss ALL of you options with your PM doc before starting anything. ask him about side effects and withdrawl symptoms if you are a liong time opiate user for PM. Express your concern to him and most likely he will set you at ease. i was worried about becoming addicted when i suggested tapering off of my Oxycontin after only about 6 months or trying suboxone if you read an earlier post here titled "Tapering off of Oxycontin" but my doctor and my friends here put my mind at ease with explaining the difference between addiction and physical dependance....huge difference and physical dependance WILL happen in long term treatment but is normal and does not mean you are addicted or a druggie.....as long as you dont abuse your meds then you are fine and nothing to worry about. WOW I just realized i typed a whole lot!! I got carried away trying to help...sorry guys if i went off topic a few times but I am just feeling the need to help someone here as you all have helped me SO MUCH......by the way all this info was gathered here alot so thanks to all the users who helped me sound smart by reading thier past posts....you kno who you all are...and my doc helped me understand it all as well....so just go to your doctor and discuss your options with him....he will listen to you and is the biggest help you will get. if you have any other questions just ask me.....i will try to get the best answer i can for you....my wife is a rn IN an ER...i am a registered pharm tech in WV....(but still dumb...imagine that!)....and i have alot of friends whor are PA's and some who are ER docs due to my wife. I can try to help anyone but cant legally give medical advice so please dont ask for striaght up medical advice from me or to ask a doc I know....cause only your doc knows you and i think it is against the law for someone not qualified like myself to give actual medical advice....more than happy to give suggestions though for whatever they are worth.......gosh I typed way to much here....i will go know...sorry again for the long post!!!! hope it dont get deleted for going off TOPIC....PLEASE...

I hope I helped someone,


not to point anyone out or anything but as far as medication goes you can ask mudbone or slipperyslope about some things here as well as fabby....they seem to be very educated by experience in PM...the best way if you ask me....sorry if i pointed you guys out, let me know and I wont do it again if you dont like it!
Hey Acaptainn-
I can tell you that my PM doctor uses Suboxone for quite a few of his patients and the ones I have spoken with LOVE the pain relief they get. One in particular had tried every long acting medication in the book without relief and then was put on suboxone and it's made a world of difference for her. She is able to get out and walk with her husband, whereas being on the LA meds didn't get her pain levels to a place where she was able to do that.

As with any medication, you will get mixed reviews because we all tolerate and react to medications differently.

My only advice is to give it a try. You really have nothing to lose, right? If it works for you, then great, and if not, then there are other options I'm sure. I know you've been through a lot and really just want to be able to enjoy as normal a life as possible. I hope you will see results with the suboxone. Take care, and let us know how it goes!
The Suboxone stopped my pain but in a different way. I was in pain due to the abuse of Percs. The percs were actually doing things to my body that caused pain then I would take even more, vicious cycle. The Sub allowed me to totally stop the percs and within a week the pain was already going away. The percs were also causing bad heart palpatations. That also stopped after I got off the percs. I love Suboxone. Im pretty sure it will end up saving my life.
Hi all, I just wanted to say that about 6 months ago I was placed on Suboxone for opiate w/d. It did help with the pain but it helped more with the w/d than anything else but I can tell you that whatever you do, DO NOT take any kind of narcotic while taking the suboxone because I have seen people get very sick from doing so. The way it was described to me by a nurse is this... " suboxone is an opiate, but it is also an opiate blocker". The $200.00 charge is a good cost there where your at because the Dr's here where I live charge $375.00. It works better for w/d because it stops the w/d symptoms within a matter of 20 minutes of taking your first dose and it helps with the opiate cravings. Good luck with whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck!:angel: