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I had a fusion at L4/5 L5/S1 and have neuropathy down my entire left leg (1996). My SI joint is a mess as well. I am on Topamax and have tried oxycontin, and most of the short acting opiates and am basically at a wall with nothing really working. My PM mentioned trying Suboxone next, but I really do not know anything about it except that it is also used for addicts with pain. Is it that it does not give you a high that you get with oxycontin, or norco etc? I do not have a problem with that. I just want my pain to go away. Any type of info would be appreciated.
Hi Charmed,

This is a first for me. I dont think I've ever heard of Suboxone being used to treat pain. Have you talked to your doc about fentanyl? It comes in different forms like a patch and suckers and the latest is a drug called buccal tablets which is generally used for bt pain It is a strong narcotic and usually helps the worst of pain. It is the only thing that really helps my wife and she has a brain tumor along with some new found tumors in her breast. GOOD LUCK:)
Suboxone is an opioid and works well for pain. And, it is also used for narcotic detox and maintenance, like methadone.

Suboxone is a "partial agonist" unlike morphine and such, meaning that it has a ceiling effect, and only so much can be used. But it is very effective against pain, and it may also help bring down your tolerance a bit, allowing some of the more common opioids to work later.

I bet you'd be pleasantly surprised f you tried it.

I have heard of Suboxone and also have seen one person that was taking it. It can be used for pain just like methadone can be used for chronic pain. I know that it used to be limited by the kind of doctors that could presribe it since it was originally used for only "recovering addicts". My counselor has suggested that I go on this since I am a recovering addict. I just don't want to change what is working at the moment.

Alot of people do get very good pain relief with this drug. The only thing is that you MUST be in complete withdrawal before starting it becuase it is a partial antagonist narcotic. This means if you were to start it with narcotic meds in your body, you would get very, very sick. They usually want you to be off of your narcotic meds at least 48 hours and then they start you on it. Once you start taking it all of you withdrawals are gone. Please don't let that stop you from trying it because I have heard of many people getting very good pain relief after trying everything else or building up tolerance to everything else. Try going to the manufacturers site where they have loads of information and FAQ. I would just try searching for "Suboxone" and "manufacturer". I just checked and the manufacturer is Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare and is disbtributed by Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals.

I found out some other information concerning Suboxone. You may actually want to search Suboxone and Subutex. They are both similar in that they containt the active ingredient BUPRENORPHINE. The difference is that Suboxone also contains Naloxone which is the partial narcotic antagonist. This is the ingredient that prevents any type of "high" or "euphoric" effect. They are both taken sublingually meaning the tablets are put under the tongue and dissolved. I believe the doses go anywhere from 2mg - 24mg. The actual tablets are either 2mg or 8mg. I believe that the effective dose used to treat chronic pain is 12-24mg. I believe doctors prescribe the Suboxone more than Subutex but I am not sure why. Hopefully this provides you with some more info and helps you to make a more informed decision. I would say go for it. Good luck and let us know if you try it.


They add the naloxone to keep folks from shooting up Suboxone. When taken orally at this dose the naloxone is inactive. If, however, you shoot it up the naloxone will boot all opioids out of the mu receptor and bring on immediate withdrawals.


[QUOTE=Juliet31;3516358]They are also extremely expensive - about 10 X the price of oxy in Aust, the patch is a little cheaper. I have heard this is a problem so you definitely want to contact your health insurance to find if they cover it and what the copay is

when on bupe I needed 6 - 8 sublinguals a day (that's over an hour a day of having something under your tongue and not being able to talk!). that would definitely be a drawback

Increased tolerance means increased dosage. Yes, this is also true and that is why it only works up to a certain point. You can not go past 24mg and get any better relief

i hope that everyone doesn't mind that I just moonlight on the cp posts and have a read. Thanks. We don't mind and you have actually given first hand experience about the Suboxone or actually Subutex since it does not have the naloxone. I guess there really isn't a perfect possibly non-addictive drug yet. They thought this was the case with tramadol(Ultram) as well when it was first introduced although my doctor told me he knew it was possibly addictive when it came out and that it was only market as non-addictive