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I am also a recovering addict and want to say that it is a HUGE challenge to be in chronic pain and also have addiction. It does matter thought what your drug of choice was and what you were addicted to. I was addicted to cocaine and that sets off completely different receptors in the brain compared to the opiate type medications. I am currently on the fentanyl patch & Percocet for BT pain. I easily could become addicted to them if I do not follow my doctor's rules & recommendations or I start to abuse them. However, I do not want to do this so that I can have the pain relief without setting off my addiction. You pretty much know instantly when you take something if it is setting off your addiction. I would recommend going to see and ADDICTIONOLOGIST(a doctor that specializes in treating recovering addicts and is specially trained in medications that can be prescribed to them). Can you tell us what you abuses and what you were addicted to? Or were you merely dependent on them?

I will tell you that there are many medications that I have tried that are non-narcotic. It also does depend on what kind of pain you have as well. If you have nerve pain then there are specific meds to treat that and most opiate/opiod meds are uselesss against this pain although they are helpful for other types of muscle/bone pain. I would recommend Lyrica which is what I am also taking. I have been on Ultram(a mild opiod with anti-depressant qualities) but it can be extremely difficult to get off so I don't recommend it. There are many anti-seizure meds to help nerve pain: Lyrica, Neurontin, Topomax, Tegretol, Gabitril. Anti-inflammatory meds: Celebrex, ibuprofen. You could try taking tylenol(acetaminophen) & Advil(ibuprofen) to see how this manages your pain. The good thing is that they are OTC(over the counter) and non-narcotic. You can usually get by with taking up to 3000mg/day of acetaminophen & up to 1600mg/day of ibuprofen. Please make sure that your doctor is knowledgeable about medications & addiction. Oh, one other thing you could try is Suboxone(used to treat opiod addiction but can also be used for chronic pain). I have heard it is difficult to get off Suboxone as well but it's worth a shot.