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Can you tell us what you are currently taking and how long you have been taking the current meds? Also what other narcotic meds have you tried? This might help us answer you better and make other suggestions.


Yes. I'm not taking anything right now but my history is as follows: I was on Lortab 10 mg 4 ea. x day for a short period. I was then prescribed Methadone for about 2 years (highest dose 60 mg/day). I was then moved to Oxycontin 80 mg 3 x a day and 8 ea x day OxyIR 5 mg for three years. I got to the point that I was feeling pain again every 4 hrs and having that yawning/achie feeling I typically associate with withdrawl symptions. When I came off the Oxycontin, I was taking 80 mg 4 x a day plus around 12 OxyIR's.

We never tried the Duragestic Patch because she was afraid it would not work well since I used to sweat a lot. I tried the Moriphine capsules 100 mg 2 x a day for 3 days and I really hurt and had to go back to the Oxycontin.

I moved to Suboxone for 11 months since my former pain management doctor refused to deal with my Tolerance/Dependance. My current pain management doc. said I was limited to what he could treat me with as long as I was taking Suboxone of course. I therefore came off of suboxone 4/09. I see my pain management doctor 4/22 and want to be educated this time as to what to do when my tolerance rises again. Going the Suboxone route turned out to be a big mistake as that is associated with addiction. I have fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease C5, C6, C7. :angel: