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I know exactly where you are at since I am a recovering addict myself. I really can not believe that the doctors were putting you back onto opiates after 2 months of being clean. I think what you need to try is something called Suboxone/Subutex (it is buprenerophine). I don't know what it is called in the UK but it is specifically designed for opiate addicts and also has the benefit that it treats pain. I would ask your doctor about this. I know that when I told my doctor about my addiction, he immediately stopped what I was taking which was Oxycontin & Percocet which are both oxycodone. I am currently back on the narcotic medications but the good thing for me is that I NEVER ABUSED my pain meds, it was something else. Therefore I have never been considered an opiate addict. I know it's hard to believe but true. I saw an addictionologist(doctor specializes in treating addiction & pain) and she was going to put me on the Suboxone until I told her everything. However, I think the Suboxone would be perfect for you. The drawback initially is that you MUST BE COMPLETELY OFF ALL OPIATE/OPIOD medications, be in withdrawal, before they can give it to you. I believe you have to be off 24-48 hours, then they start it, and the withdrawals go away pretty quickly after they start it. You don't want to be on any opiates or it will send you into SEVERE WITHDRAWAL. But I do know the struggle of being a recovering addict & needing pain treatment. Before I found my current doctor, they would only give me tramadol(which didn't do much more than ibuprofen&acetaminophen) but gave me some bad side effects. I am off that drug for 9 days now :). Good luck and keep posting.

:o Neither my doctor nor my PM know i'm overusing. i asked my GP(doctor) to refer me to PM because he didn't want to give me anything stronger than tramadol and dihydrocodeine and i would say my GP has been brilliant through all this, many doctors would probably have said "cant help you or it will pass in its own time". I was rather hoping PM would be able to help me and would give me something stronger which is what i felt i needed. As for your suggestion BRIANPAIN i'm unsure wether they use suboxone for pain here in the UK but i have been on this drug they used it to help me detox off methadone 5yrs ago and i started to feel the pain when i started on suboxone so i dont think it would help me, also i know some friends in recovery who tell me they have some very long lasting deppression after withdrawl from suboxone, why is it all these so called safer options ie ultram, suboxone turn out to be harder to kick than good old morpheine. There's one consolation though i can come on the board and share with you guys and get some empathy and understanding as well help which is a big help and i don't have to feel alone with my frustrations THANKS GUYS:)