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I am having a really hard time reading and understanding your post. Are you out of your meds right now? This might explain why I can't quite grasp what is going on here with all the miss spelled words and sentences that aren't making sense to me.

this sounds SO FISHY to me!!

It sounds to me that this Dr wants you and your husband terminated from his practice and nothing you can say or do at this point is going to change there mind. Something has happened with the trust factor here. you will have to find a new Dr and this is going to take some time it is not going to happen in one day how many pills do you have left can you cut back some? you may need to go on suboxone until you can figure this out or the methadone clinic for a daily dose to avoid W/D. I am very sorry to hear this news Kelsey. WOW! What a bummer you and hubby are in, I am very sorry.