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My Mother was using the fentanyl patches (one patch, 25 MCG) . She was tolerating them very well, she asked the Dr. for a stronger dosage because of increased pain. The Dr prescribed 50mcg patches. She told my Mother to use up the 25mcg patches by putting two on at a time.(so she would be getting 50mcg from 2 patches, 25mcg each) She felt great for about a week, then she switched over to the new 50 mcg patches(one at a time) She became very lethargic, sleepy, confused etc. She had to be taken completely off the patches and she has just started suboxone. The new patches(50 mcg) were Mylan, which was different from the old patches. Does anyone know why two 25 mcg patches used at one time were fine but one 50 mcg patch would cause such a severe reaction ? Even the Dr. seems puzzled.