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I'm so sorry Sammy.

You deserve better than this.

Everyone deserves to be heard, even if they don't get the treatment they want. You were treated disrespectfully. I know how that feels. I had a doc start me on suboxone for CP, write me scripts for 2 months then drop me like a rock. No downward titration, nothing. This was after I had gone through WDs from fentanyl. Got to do it all over again. So disrespectful.

I just don't get it. Right now we have yourself, Pepper, Chrissy, Becky and a couple of others (please forgive me for forgetting your names) in terrible pain, depressed, ignored. And all of you are well documented, well spoken, and totally under-medicated. I'm at a complete loss to understand this. I am beginning to feel like my experience is the exception - to have two docs willing to keep me at 5 regardless of what it takes. I know I shouldn't feel this way, but I do feel guilty for such outstanding care while so many can't even get adequate minor opioids for pain. It's just not right.

I believe we have a right to be heard. To be treated with respect. To have CP acknowledged. All one has to do is look at what Pepper has endured. She has been diagnosed with failed back syndrome. Her doc promised whatever treatment it took to get her to 5 and keep her there. She returns from vacation to a totally non-responsive doc, with no intention of keeping any promises. That's enough to make one go postal.

Sorry for digressing Sammy. Back on my soapbox again.

I am praying for you sweetheart.