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Hey Confused, What prevents tolerance is that the more you take the more antogonist your getting which further limits the agonist benefit. S o increasing has the oposite once you reach a certain point.

Using meds like Suboxone may end up being the first line medecine in another 5 years. It makes sense for many reasons, The biggest is that it would certainly be an esier trial if withdrawal wasn't included due to years of pure opiate use. However it just hasn't been around or used in this manner long enough to become a protocol. If anything it's seen as more of a last resort that's used on patients that haven't been able to stabalize for whetever reaon. Why not use it as a first drug, allow people to benefit from the pain relief without going through withdrawal and potentially reduce the risk of abuse if progression isn't needed.

Things were so differnt just 10 years ago, who knows what things will be like in another 10. When you have CP it is a lifetime process. 10 years may seem like eternity but I've had failed afer failed back surgery since 93. The difference in treatment in 93 compared to know is like comparing a black and white TV, which some members may have never seen in their home to a fairly inexpensive 50 inch plasma high def TV's on the wall. The meds were talking about simply didn't exist or weren't used outside of terminal cancer patients, even then those patients were suffering which more than likely opened the door door for change and Pharama companies became proactive in lobbying for Pain relief changes not to mention profiting hugely from it.

The one sure thing is that things will change.

What's tolerable to one patient may be completely intolerable to another. HOw long has she been at that dose, was there a brand change, and her own individual chemestry. It's not like if the ptach doesn't work there aren't other choices. Personally I titrated up tp 150ugh and had no ill side efects, just no pain relief.It was a misrable 6-8 weeks, but we generally aren't harmed by the process of trying something that doesn't work.

So I switched back to meth and it's nasty side efects but what was tolerable then wouldn't be tolerable now as far as the efect meth had on my mood and personality.
Take care, Dave