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I'm in search of a decongestant/allergy med that doesn't make me climb the walls. I'm taking zyrtec for allergies, works well, but doesn't do much for PND, so, my allergist switched me to Allegra-D, it does stop the PND, but makes me shaky, and does nothing for allergic reactions. Any recommendations?? Anyone taking a single med that relieves both PND and allergy symptoms and doesn't make you jittery???

There was a great one...phenylpropolalamine (I think that's how you spell it), otherwise known as PPA. It was banned about two years ago. I used to be able to PREVENT bad allergic attacks from turning into sinus infections with it. My new ENT said that the study that was used to justify banning it was a bad study, and that the people doing the study would have gotten the same results if they'd used sudafed instead, and now a great medication is off the market and we all have to live with sudafed. Nasonex and its relatives can help with PND, but it depends on your situation. They are anti-inflammatories, not decongestents primarily, although they can help decongest one.