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Well Mom's both my kids have gone through this. It lasted a month with my daughter who is 5 and I am going on week three with my 9 year old, his seems to be getting better.
I got a med (prescription) called Histex HC that works great but I can only give it at night as it makes them real tired.
I just try to "dry" it up during the day with Sudafed and lots of Saline Spray. I also put a vaporizer in their room with Eucaliptus Oil at night and Lots of Vicks Vapor rub.
Another day time product that helps with drying it up is Clariton, that is what My Dr. recommended.
I feel your pain, that cough starts to sound like Nails on a Chalk Board after a while. I for one am ready for a cough free house :bouncing:
Good Luck