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Does anyone out there have any experience with a burst ear drum in children? For background; I generally handle my childrens health with lots of research and natural methods. When my older children show signs of ear problems I immediately start eardrops of garlic, golden seal, or gse along with extra vitamen c and echinacea. If it seems to progress anyway I use Delsym or Sudafed and as a last resort antibiotics. We've had really good results, my oldest 2 have each had only 2 real ear infections in their lives. We may not be so lucky with the baby, she's nine months old and seems to always be stuffy headed. She's had one infection already and a while back the doctor prescribed Rynatus to clear her head and gave me lots of samples for later because he knows that we have no insurance to keep coming back. Anyway last week she was kinda cranky but had no specific symptoms of illness then suddenly she woke up with tons and I mean tons of green mucous coming out of her ear. I cleaned it up and had a look in the ear which was full of fluid. I started her on ear drops (gse) and the Rynatus and after talking to a couple of nurse friends decided that her eardrum must have burst. I'm starting anti-biotics today, since this is obviously serious. My questions are; how long will the eardrum take to heal, will it be able to heal completely while the ear is still full of fluid, what specifically should I watch for? Sorry this got so long, I just wanted to provide enough information so that someone out there with some answers might can help. Please note that I'm not kidding when I say we can't afford to go to the doctor if all he's going to do is suggest anti-biotics (which I already have) and a wait and see approach. I need to handle this myself unless she is in danger.
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