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My dr told me to use sudafed. My endo (diabetes) also told me to use sudafed. My mom's dr told her the same thing. She doesn't trust them bcuz her bp is unstable enough. I've seen on t.v. ads for corecidin hbp.

Or you can use a natural method with vicks salve and steam. My mom uses hot lemon tea, steam and vicks.
Original Sudafed (with pseudoephedrine) shoots my bp up.. it's known to raise your bp.. I'm surprised they both recommended that.

Sudafed has come out with a new product though, Sudafed PE that has a different ingredient in it. I would try that and see what it does. I've only tried it once so I can't say it will or will not affect your bp.
I know sudafed raises bp, but i swear that is what we were told. Of course, my mom reads everything and refused to take the sudafed. My mom mostly uses vicks rub and lemon teas for everything. She tries to go the natural way.

The only cold meds i have read of that doesn't cause bp to rise is corecidin hbp. Sometimes our drs will give us a prescription cough med.
Hello, I'm new, but wanted to say that my doctor said not to take Sudafed as it could cause a stroke.
No sudafed or pseudoephedrine products with hypertension. It raises your BP markedly.