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There is the new sudafed out there without the decongestent I believe. I used it only when I REALLY HAD TO. Its the one that is sold otc but I see you're in Canada so not sure aout there.
For sinus problems, my doctor has told me I could take Sudafed for short periods if I need to. (I have been told by both my doctor and a pharmacist that Sudafed-PE is useless.) I had this confirmed by a pharmacist who also said I should be OK for a couple weeks if my blood pressure is under control. I am on dyazide and Norvasc for the high BP.

For the allergy problems that lead to the sinus infections, I take the following:
Allegra, Singulair, Flonase, Astelin and I use a nasal saline wash.

The pharmacist also recommended using Afrin once a day for 3 days as a nasal decongestant. I have only tried this once so I don't know how effective it usually is.

When I have a full blown sinus infection, I also need an antibiotic. Typically I end up on Prednisone once or twice a year also.
Did the doc prescribe you an antibiotic to kill the infection?
I use Dayquil sinus when I am so stuffy I feel like I am going to die. It has a decogestant in it, but a lower dosage than sudafed and etc according to my doc.
Also Mucinex is good for drying up snot and drainage which will help you not to sniff and blow your nose as much and hence stop the ear popping.