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If you think the hypotension might be playing a part, the following might help -

wearing compression stockings (these are avaliable from a pharmacy)...they stop blood pooling in your legs, and keep it moving around the body

getting a bit of extra salt in the diet, either on your food, or in the form of a few salt tablets a day

taking a 12 hour sudafed tablet in the morning - this can marginaly raise blood preasure and help you feel better (ask your doctor about this)

taking dihydroergotamine tablets - same as sudafed, prescription needed, again, ask your doctor

As you feel ill, and are probably not eating very well, start taking a good all round multivitamin, like Centrum or Thegran every day

I agree with Ex, a major teaching hospital is your best bet, they are centers of excelence in medicine.

Have you had a complete blood picture done, these can often give clues as to what might be going on, and where to start looking.