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Florinef can be of great help in this situation, it causes the body to retain salt and fluid, thus helping to increase the BP to normal.

Other options are taking a Sudafed 12 Hour every morning, increasing salt in the diet, and wearing compression stockings
My doctor hasn't wanted to try florinef, yet. Maybe because I'm chronically hypokalemic?

I've tried up to 5gs of salt a day - it's hard to do and doesn't help me hold onto the fluids, only lose potassium that much faster.

I do wear hose because of some blood pooling issues in my legs. I'm not touching Sudafed since I have tachycardia.

Again, mine is nervous system related, as many others can be, so the typical things that would normally correct the problem only go so far. Even if I could correct the volume issue, I'd still have the nervous system problem that allows my blood pressure to fall (and me to lose consciousness). I honestly believe this is a lot more common then people think it is and people giving advice here should always consider it and related disorders as a possibility when the person is two things - 1) female and 2) within childbearing age.

Along with it comes weird reactions to things that usually do not bother healthy people, including medications. So it can be a bit dangerous to suggest some meds such as Sudafed.